Streamlining the discovery and development

of small molecule immunology drugs

Our drug discovery and development expertise include medicinal and process chemistry, computational chemistry, structural biology and in vitro and in vivo pharmacology. Coupled with an extensive knowledge of the pathophysiology and biology of immunologic conditions, we are able to identify and advance multiple small-molecule product candidates from preclinical discovery into clinical development in a highly efficient manner, accelerating the timeline to bring novel oral immunology drugs into the hands of patients.

The key elements of our approach to discovery and development include:


An iterative lead optimization approach that utilizes rational and empirical drug design, allowing for the selection and advancement of candidates with high non-clinical potency and selectivity for our immunology targets


Relevant screening methods that utilize human cellular assays and human whole blood for our lead optimization assays, including a biomarker-driven approach. We believe that this approach offers the best and most relevant predictor of potency, efficacy and therapeutic window for our compounds in human clinical trials.